About AJ Mihrzad

AJ Mihrzad  - BeforeI’m a guy who’s been battling obesity most of my life. Here is an unflattering pic of me at my worst shape.

This is when I hit rock bottom and decided that enough is enough. I had to improve my health and take control of my life.

I decided to become a Personal Trainer and I pursued a degree in Exercise Science and Nutrition, as well as studying and researching every method regarding the latest trends in fitness and weight loss.

Soon after, I realized that the mind is our most powerful tool so I achieved a master’s degree in Psychology.

To make a long story short, I have tried every fitness theory, diet plan, exercise routine and supplement known to mankind…

Over the years I have helped hundreds of people transform themselves with the knowledge and experience that I learned through my own personal journey.

I am blessed to make a living off of my passion and it feels great to help others improve their lives. I decided to put all of my life long work into to creating a system that transforms as many people as possible.

I developed the Life Fuel Fitness program which is the fastest and easiest way to get Lean and Toned.

My main purpose in life is to help you look and feel your best without being a slave to the gym or starving yourself.

AJ Mihrzad  - BeforeHere is a recent pic of me using my program on myself

I am not sharing this pic with you to show off.
I want to prove to you that a guy with a slow metabolism that has been overweight most of his life can get into good shape.
I got into this shape without spending my whole day in the gym or following a boring diet.

In fact I LOVE Food, and focus on exercising as minimally as possible… I will always be a chubby kid at heart.

My fitness philosophy is for BUSY people who want to get QUICK results in the most EFFECTIVE way.


My Fitness philosopy is for BUSY people who want to get QUICK results in the most EFFECTIVE way.

I am totally committed to YOUR Peak Physique!

– AJ Mihrzad