At-Home Booty Blasting Work Out


by Elan Salcedo “Booty Mama”

Although, we’d all love to have the time to go to the gym; sometimes our hectic lives and schedules make it an impossibility.  If you

Although, we’d all love to have the time to go to the gym; sometimes our hectic lives and schedules make it an impossibility.  If you can’t get to the gym, no problem.  Here’s a quick #BootyBuilding routine you can follow at home in between your gym sessions.  Incorporate some high intensity cardio in between sets, for added fat blasting benefits.  This routine can be done at home and requires a matt and some dumb bells.

You will be performing these exercises one after another with no rest in between as a super set of 20 reps each for 5 sets total.  After each set, run in place with your knees high (try to get your knees as close as possible to your chest) for 30 second intervals.  Rest 1 minute and repeat the cycle.  The total workout should take you no more than 20 to 30 minutes to complete.  Your heart rate will soar and you’ll feel like a #BootyWarrior!


Dumbbell squats – start by holding dumbbells are your side.  Stand tall with your chest out and shoulder blades back and down.  Draw in from the belly (as if you are sucking from a drinking straw) and sit back all the way down into a squat.  Keep feet pointed forward and planted on the ground.  Make sure you knees stay straight (do not let them collapse inward).  Stand up straight and repeat for a total of 20 reps.



Hip Thrusts (Booty Bridges) – start by placing your back flat on your matt with your knees bent at a 90 degree angle with feet pointing forward and flat on ground.  Draw in through the belly button as described above and thrust your glutes upward, squeezing up at the top as if holding in your butt cheeks.  This is crucial in order to get the most out of this exercise and fire up those glutes. So don’t be afraid to squeeze, squeeze and squeeze!!!  Lower your butt down to the ground and repeat.  For my advanced #BootyWarriors, try performing the exercise on a small weighted ball or stability core disc.  This will activate your more of your core and isolate your glutes even further.  If you are a #BootyWarrior Master, try performing the exercise with one leg at a time, lifted and holding the other straight up in the air, pointed at the ceiling (see photo below).


Fire Hydrant Kick Backs – Start this one all fours.  You want to make sure that your back and head are straight.  Draw in from your belly button as described above and lift one leg up at a time; pointing your foot up toward the ceiling.  Squeeze you glute and hold for two seconds; lower your leg and repeat.  Make sure to suck in your belly button while performing the exercise to help keep you stable.  For my advanced #BootyWarriors, place an 8 to 10-pound dumbbell in the back crease of your knee.elan2





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