From being the “FAT KID” to the “JACKED KID”! Transformation of the Month.

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Please take a moment to read Santino’s amazing story… He shares how he was once the 265lb. “FAT KID” and now the 203lb. “JACKED KID”!

Find out why he’s the  Transformation of the Month!

I was 6’1 265 pounds and 28% body fat, before I started training. My life was slow and sluggish. I felt weak and worthless. I was a college student I had no self-confidence and had no motivation to meet any new people let alone ask girls on dates.

I found this website gave them a call and immediately started AJ’s Transformation Program. At first the workouts were tough. I was so out of shape I couldn’t keep up. After the first week of eating right, and doing the workouts I felt amazing. The customized nutrition plan was smooth and I never felt hungry. I will continue to eat this way for the rest of my life. The workouts were challenging and fun. I felt really committed and the trainer was awesome and kept me motivated. I kept going and didn’t want to quit.

The first two weeks I lost 10 pounds and I didn’t want to quit there.

After 2 months using the LifeFuel system I lost and astonishing 30 pounds. I still didn’t quit.

My body was sore and achy but I had a goal in mind. The workouts got easier and easier and I felt as if I could compete with at NFL football.player (very unlikely I would win but I felt that good).

I have so much more confidence now!

After a long hard 8 months of working with AJ I weighed in at 203 pounds and 14% body fat.

I lost 62 pounds and I’m still working with AJ until I get to 8% bodyfat!

I couldn’t believe it. All my hard work paid off. I couldn’t of done it without  Life Fuel. My life went from disappointing to stunning.

I started taking girls out, meeting new people and focusing on school.

Fitness became a part of my life and is very essential for anyone trying to be healthy. I feel amazing.

My whole life I was the “fat kid” now I have a boost of self confidence and I became the “jacked kid”!

Thanks for all your help Life Fuel you really saved my life!

– Santino V.

About The Author

AJ Mihrzad

AJ Mihrzad is the creator of LifeFuel Fitness Transformation Program. He is a Fitness Expert who at one point battled obesity like all the other client he has helped get in the best shape of their lives. You can find him on Google+ and Twitter.