If you’re sick and tired of bouncing from useless diets to Yo-Yo fat loss fads… or if you’re frustrated STRUGGLING to lose fat and keep it off for good, only to discover you’ve gained it all back just a few days later…

…Then take a moment to read this page. It might be the most important page you have ever read.

In it you will discover what could possibly be one of the most effecive Fat-Melting programs ever created–a program so simple literally anyone can do it.  Including YOU!

AJ Mihrzad

LifeFuel Fit Personal Training
Long Island, NY

(516) 660- 7634
2:28 PM

AJ Mihrzad - LifeFuel

How does a Young Man Who was 53 lbs Overweight and tormented with Agonizing Back Pain Get into Fitness Model Shape and Help Thousands of others to Get into the Best Shape of their Lives in a short amount of Time?

Hey there,

I PERSONALLY know what it’s like to be out of shape. Check out this picture of what I used to look like (when I was 213 lbs.)…

AJ Mihrzad - LifeFuel

On September, 11 1998 I walked out of a McDonalds and looked over and saw my chubby profile reflecting back at me in a window… I couldn’t believe what I saw… I TOTALLY let myself go… no matter how hard I tried I couldn’t hide the fat any longer… I couldn’t even fit into most of the clothes sitting in my own closet… they looked silly on me.

I felt the burden of all the extra weight, as if iron chains of fat limited me of my true life…

I looked like I didn’t care about my self or my health… as if all I did was sit around and eat junk and processed foods… like I didn’t care one damn bit about the way I looked… but I seriously DID care… One evening when I got home I laid down on my bed and basically had a Revelation… out of immense emotional pain I decided I’d finally had it… I swore to myself “I am going to get into the best SHAPE of my LIFE!” At first I was undecided on joining a gym… I told some of my friends at work what I was doing and they all laughed at me -“YOU, BEING HEALTHY AND IN SHAPE- IN YOUR DREAMS Hahaha!!!” they said. What they said really upset me…


    • I dragged myself into the gym and worked out for hours on end… I pushed, I pulled, and I even grunted a few times…and after all that work – MINIMAL RESULTS…
    • I tried all kinds of expensive fat burning pills that we’re supposed to increase up my metabolic rate and kill my cravings…
      but all they did was make me panicky and jittery.
    • I tried zero-carb diets but they made me crave sugar so bad I would pig out on high carbs and sweets binges for hours… afterwards the guilt destroyed my motivation
    • I tried drinking only protein shakes and protein bars but they made me so hungry I became as ravenous as an emaciated lion in the desert
    • I tried ordering workout dvds and video tapes I was supposed to follow along in my living room but the boredom and lack of motivation made it unbearable… no wonder NOBODY gets results with those things.
  • I tried investing home gym equipment with machines, free weights, push up bars and cardio equipment but all that did was collect cob webs and fill up all my free space.

I tried EVERYTHING and NONE of it worked for me.

I KNEW there had to be something more to it, something I was missing, something I was doing wrong and I was determined to find out what it was…

So what did I do next?

I enrolled in College and majored in Exercise Science and Nutrition. I purchased every text book, magazine and media product that involved Fitness. I literally spent HUNDREDS of hours studying on the internet along with my College materials and text books. I consumed every functional piece of info I could get my hands on. I studied and applied things that worked and dismissed others that didn’t. Night after night I stayed up until sunrise trying to figure out the perfect and fastest fat loss program.

I discovered is there was so much PROPOGANDA out there that finding the TRUTH became like searching for the HOLY GRAIL… And what I DISCOVERED surprised me…

Along with spending all of my time researching and studying everything related to Exercise and Nutrition I realized that there was one component that had to be mastered as well…The mind I wanted to learn the inner workings of the human mind so I went back to graduate school for my masters’ degree in Psychology. Along with completing my master’s degree I also read every book and article regarding mental training I could get my hands on. I was at a point where I was reading 2-3 books a week on the subjects of Exercise, Nutrition and the Human Mind.

I discovered that there are 3 pillars to Fitness and I set forth on to create the perfect weight loss program that encompasses them all.


3 pilars to fitness - LifeFuel
I took these pictures at my heaviest weight – it was time for a CHANGE…

AJ Mihrzad - LifeFuel

I look great, I feel great, and I owe it all to AJ. Changing physically and taking my aggression out in the gym really helped me be in a better state of mind! 

Nicole - LifeFuel Fitness

“I was always one of those people who thought I looked good and didn’t have to work out or eat right. I used to eat whatever I wanted and walked around in a bikini when I was youngerI never realized how much I really let myself goAt age 25, I woke up one day, looked in the mirror, and all saw was fat and “cottage cheese.” I couldn’t fit into my clothing anymore and I would always wear leggings and loose shirts. My jeans would take me a good ten minutes to put on as I made all kind of maneuvers to get them over my behind.

Closing the button took another ten minutes and then I would feel terrible because my love handles would be pouring out the sides. I was thinking to myself “I’m 25, these are supposed to be the best years of my life, why spend them unhappy?“Besides feeling down on myself physically, I also went through a period of depression. I had just moved back from another country and after five years of living on my own I moved back in with my parents. I had no money. My friends weren’t used to me being around and they never called. I went through a few months of self-pity. I decided to see a therapist who told me that if I only tried to go to the gym for just a couple of times a week it would be healthy for me mentally to get some energy out.

That’s when I decided to pay AJ a little visit. I started working at a bar and made enough money to be able to afford a few sessions with him. Once I started I got hooked! ”

Nicole Renee

Journalism Major

Great Neck, New York

“I lost 106 lbs and I’m in the best shape of my life!”

Alisha Tehrani - LifeFuel Fitness

“I used to hate working out, but with Life Fuel Fit Personal Training I can’t wait to go to the gym to workout and kick box with my trainer.   I have lost 106 pounds and I’m in the best shape of my life!  I feel and look incredible!”

Alisha Tehrani

College Student

Kings Point, New York

“Each week I got stronger and lost more weight. I was amazed at how quickly I got in shape…”

Julie Dougherty - Lifefuel Fitness

“I decided to sign up for a series of LifeFuel Fit boot camps Last Summer and it was the best thing I ever did! He really worked hard to make it a fun experience for me. I was really motivated the entire time and after the group fitness session was over I felt like I could keep going on and on! I noticed that after each boot camp class I improved. Each week I got stronger and lost more weight. I was amazed at how quickly I got in shape.”

Julie Dougherty

School Secretary

North Hempstead, NY

“Now, when people see me, it is always a “WOW” moment.”

“As I began this weight loss journey my main concern was to get healthy. I started reading about nutrition and vitamin supplements and how together it can really make a difference on how I would feel. As I began eating fresh, natural foods and whole grains and taking the right vitamins, I began to lose the weight. A feat that I thought at this point in my life, at 53, was impossible especially since I had so much to lose.

As I progressively started to lose the weight, there was one major thing missing in my journey. It was called exercise. This is where A.J. came into my life. A.J. started an exercise program for me and together with much success, I feel like I can do anything. I feel stronger and can do things that I never thought were possible. My energy level is through the roof!!

AJ has a knowledge in fitness and nutrition that is impeccable. He is a true professional and sincerely cares for my well being. Without AJ. I do not feel I would have accomplished what I set out for. He pushes me and keeps me constantly motivated with new routines which make me want to keep on going.

When I get discouraged, he is my encourager with our little talks. Now, when people see me, it is always a “WOW” moment. I still have a ways to go, but I am confident that with all the support and training with A.J. I will reach my goal in no time; a goal I thought would never happen in my life.”

Pat Pilla

Deputy Clerk Village of Lake Success

New Hyde Park, NY

“I look and feel amazing due to the extraordinary guidance and wealth of knowledge I learned…”

Ruzbeh Kheriabi - LifeFuel Fitness

“Transformations don’t come easy. They require dedication, commitment, will power and tons and tons of hard work. Transformations also require 2 other key elements, knowledge and guidance. I was able to take my dedication and hard work then add AJ’s knowledge and guidance to transform myself. AJ provided me with the nutritional and physical education needed to increase my awareness of my own body. I look and feel amazing due to the extraordinary guidance and wealth of knowledge I learned from him.”

Thank you LifeFuel Fit!

Ruzbeh Kheriabi 

Network Specialist, Masters Degree student and INBF Natural Bodybuilder

Pace University Graduate Student

Westchester, NY

“So far I have lost 31 lbs and I’m in better shape before I was pregnant!…”

Sara Gore - LifeFuel Fitness

“My name is Sara Gore. I’m a 33 year old Mom to 3 children (a son – 2 years old and twin girls – 3 months old). Needless to say, I am a very busy mom! Following the birth of my twins, I began searching for a workout program that I could squeeze into my very limited schedule. In addition, I knew that the program would need to be challenging AND fun in order to whip me back into my pre-baby shape (or better!) and keep me motivated along the way. All of that seemed like a pretty tall order.

Then, a little over a month ago, my neighbor introduced me to the LifeFuelFit Transformation Program. After listening to AJs story and meeting with the amazing trainers at LifeFuel , I was instantly sold! I now workout there 3 days a week and I absolutely love the program, trainers and staff! The program is a refreshing and unique approach to getting in shape. So far I have lost 31 lbs and I’m in better shape before I was pregnant.

The group workouts provide support, motivation and camaraderie – everything I need to keep me going and getting results.

Sara Gore

Freelance Marketer

Queens, New York

I got Ripped 6 pack Abs in less than 6 weeks!

Rob Porta - LifeFuel Fitness

“I saw a huge difference in my first week of the LifeFuel Program, it worked better than I ever expected. With AJ’s program everything was explained down to the last rep, set and meal plan. The program couldn’t be simpler to understand. Each week my body changed more and more!

I reached my goal in less than a month and a half. In total lost 8% of my body fat and got the abs I’ve always desired I’ve never looked this good all of my life! I feel like a million bucks in my 40’s!! Plus I never had so much stamina and I even feel better about life in general!

As you can see, I firmly believe in his system and will continue be his client so I can make continuous progress.   AJ delivers results and if you follow his program you too will have the body of your dreams! ”

Rob Porta

Producer / Bass player for the RainDoggs


Long Island, New York

“I Lost 35 pounds of Fat in 8 weeks, with LifeFuel’s Online Coaching Program”

Simone - LifeFuel Fitness


I basically stumbled onto Secrets and Lies the So-Called “Experts” in the Fat Loss Industry Don’t Want You to Know About

You see, when most people try to get into shape they rely on the advice given in popular books, magazines and websites… This is a HUGE problem…
Let me explain…

The Fat Loss Industry is HUGE BUSINESS and the competition is vicious… In 2008 alone Americans spent over $46.3 Billion on fad diets, shakes, dietary supplements and fat loss programs.

Fact 1: The diet and weight loss industry is so loosely regulated the huge corporate companies get away highway robbery.

Fact 2: Many of the popular fitness magazines and websites are owned by major nutrition and dietary supplement companies. Much of the info in these periodicals are nothing but sneaky ads for their products.

Fact 3: The same corporations allocate of a ton of funds marketing with the televisions and newspapers to be able to put a spin on the “news” just about any way they want.
So what you’re reading and watching on the news about weight loss is usually NOTHING more than what these large corporations want you to believe… I’m sorry to be the one to bring you the TRUTH…

You have been lied to by Greedy Weight Loss corporations Over and Over

And because of all this dishonesty, most people who try to lose fat are doing it incorrectly… people are relying on bland foods, powders and “magical drinks”… they’re using the wrong exercises, following ineffective workouts and even worse…

When most people exercise the use HAZARDOUS form!

Not only is this highly unproductive, but it can also cause permanent injures to your body… you can destroy your joints and ligaments as well as end up with crooked posture (observe the population at any gym and you’ll see what I mean).

So what did I do when I uncovered all these deceptions and ruthless strategies?

I got REVENGE – the BEST kind possible… I got into Ground-Breaking shape WITHOUT relying on their LIES and INFERIOR products!

What was my GAMEPLAN?

I became committed in CREATING the MOST EFFECTIVE and FASTEST muscle-toning and FAT-BURNING strategy based on all my collective knowledge and experience…
What do you think happened???

The ugly fat literally MELTED OFF my body… Muscles I NEVER knew I had become hard and defined…

In effect, I lost 53lbs and got into the BEST SHAPE OF MY LIFE…

AJ Mihrzad - LifeFuel Fitness

Barely Anyone Believed I could TRANSFORM myself but I truly DID!

And that’s JUST the start… Now I feel like I’m 10 years younger, I have incredible energy and I even stand prouder and taller…My immune system has gotten very strong, I haven’t gotten sick in years and feel terrific all day long!

And what’s really exciting is what’s happened to my self image… Let’s just say when I look in the mirror I’m pretty damn grateful with what I see… My social life is better, my relationships are better, my well being is better, in fact EVERYTHING has improved.

Now the story could’ve ended here, but this is where it gets really exciting… You’re NEVER going to believe it, but..


AJ Mihrzad - Long Island Trainer

By chance I became The Most Wanted Fitness Guru in Long Island!

You see, as I continued looking better and better something REALLY STRANGE began to happen… People started to constantly ask me questions like “How did you lose ALL that fat so fast?” and “What do you do to look SO good?” and “Can you help ME look better too?”

People started practically BEGGING me to help them get in amazing shape…

So I gave a few pointers here and there but I actually didn’t put too much thought into it… But guess what?

The first person I helped lost 27 pounds in less than 8 weeks… and the next lost 49 pounds in just 4 months! Keep in mind these are the first two people I helped… I was brand new to this whole thing and just doing it for FUN… but it made me realize just how much I enjoyed changing people’s lives!

Soon I knew what I wanted to do with my life –
help other people LOOK GOOD and FEEL GREAT…

At first I was undecided on getting into the personal training and weight loss business because I had friends who had horrible experiences with the personal trainers they worked with…
They told me about bad experiences of hiring trainers and not seeing any results. All these personal trainers did was take their hard earned money. A typical session was their trainer holding a clipboard yapping away about their personal lives throughout the workout. They also told me how the personal trainers they used hardly understood human physiology or basic nutrition concepts.

The major issue people had was that their trainers always made them perform the same tedious workout routine over and over. (Your body adapts rapidly to the same movements and you need variety of exercises to make improvements)

But just because there were some spoiled eggs in the industry I refused to let that stop me… in fact, I decided to use that in my favor by setting a positive example for other trainers to follow…

When I was studying in Exercise Science and Nutrition in College I first got a job training at a local corporate gym, you know the ones you see advertised on national television. I would go home aggravated because the management was more focused on sales then peoples fitness results. All the trainers were focused on selling packages as opposed to getting people in shape. The managers were hell bent on having the trainers sell memberships and useless dietary pills and shakes. At the time I got into several altercations with my supervisors regarding similar issues.

I knew if I was going help people get into mind-blowing shape I’d have to use my knowledge and abilities to stop a speeding freight train dead in its tracks and break away from the industry standards…. So put all my education, knowledge and experience together to create the “LifeFuelFit Program”. The “LifeFuelFit Program” is a very effective method of Transforming the Human Body.  This program is not just a cutting edge routine that improves the physical body; it also enhances how the mind works in relation to Health and Fitness. This program is not just a cutting edge routine that improves the physical body; it’s also enhances the how the mind works in relation to Health and Fitness

In a rapid amount of time I was able to help countless people get the bodies they wanted… it was such a such a fast rate… that the demand for my services literally shot through the roof…

What’s really amazing is most of the people I trained NEVER thought they could have a great body… and I was able to get them into lean and toned shape in almost the blink of an eye… even their own family members didn’t recognize them without doing a Double Take…

Because of all these night and day transformations it wasn’t long before the waiting list for my services grew FAR beyond what I was able to handle myself. So here’s what I did…

I systemized the “LifeFuel Fit Program” and hired a team of the highest qualified and most result-producing trainers and nutritionists in Long Island… these are TRULY the cream of the crop and they use the exact same training systems that has been proven to work for my clients time and again.

“Lost 23lbs in 8 weeks…”

Amy Gecelter - Lifefuel Fitness

“Before training with AJ, I was never really sure if what I was doing in the gym was right or whether or not I was eating the right foods. With AJ’s fitness and nutrition program, along with his guidance, I can now go to the gym with the confidence of knowing that the program I am working is the right program for me. I have learned so much and have lost 23lbs in 8 weeks. I feel better then ever. His fitness plan is awesome!

Amy Gecelter

Student, Great Neck South HS

Lake Success, NY

I have now lost over 150 pounds of FAT! I’m much more agile and athletic than ever. I can’t even believe what I look like now! 

Emilio Martin Rodriquez - LifeFuel Fitness

“I was living what you would call the average workaholic lifestyle. Long hours, barely any time off, working from home, Food on the go, excessive drinking, you name it. As I was getting close to my 30th birthday I would tell myself that I wanted to get back in to fitness because I didn’t want to get sick from being overweight. So I did the whole Monday thing. “Monday I will start”. But Monday never came. Then I would say that I would start with healthier eating habits, but then there were too many celebrations like birthdays and weddings so I had to eat and drink. That was my mentality for a very long time. As the numbers on the scale went up and the depression and embarrassment of being overweight built up, I would always keep myself at bay with the same excuses over and over. I was very unhappy but too proud to show that to others. I had to make a change. I had attended a bodybuilding show in June of 2010 for one of AJ’s transformation clients (Ruzbeh Kheirabi). He made me feel it was possible to make it happen. After the show he had went up to me and said speak to AJ. He will guide you to your goal. Sure enough I had an assessment with AJ on July 5th and was ready to take my life changing journey, and what a journey! I have now lost 150+ pounds since then. I’m much more agile and athletic than ever. I can’t even believe what I look like now.

There are no words that can express how thankful I am to AJ and the Life Fuel Fit program. I’m living proof that it works. No doubt about it. I still workout with AJ so feel free to come down and see for yourself. A.J and his knowledge was a God sent to me and many others. I now walk around much more confident and knowing that any goal I want to achieve I can conquer. Thanks AJ ”

Emilio Martin Rodriquez

Middle Neck Pharmacy

Bayside, Queens, New York

“AJ showed me the exact foods that helped me to burn fat all day long. In total I lost 47 pounds and now maintain a weight of 108 lbs! I feel great and have tons of energy with my new eating habits”

Erica Silverstein - LifeFuel Fitness

“Believe it or not, I was a heavy child growing up. It was a combination of my bad eating habits and my love for TV that resulted in bad health and low self-esteem. After years of looking in the mirror being unhappy with what was reflected back at me I decided I needed to do something about my weight. I wanted to be fit more than anything… So, I did what any other person would do and I started exercising. I spent a lot of time in the gym lifting kettle bells, running, and experimenting with different workouts. I developed a passion for fitness immediately. Despite the active lifestyle that I led, I still didn’t see any changes in my body. Maybe it was because I was eating lean pockets for breakfast, and frozen pizzas for dinner. My weight didn’t go down like I expected. In fact, it actually went up to 155 lbs at my heaviest!I thought the more time I spent in the gym, the more garbage I could eat. I was still very unhappy with my body but I didn’t know what else I could do.

Finally, I reached out for help and spoke one-on-one with AJ to discuss my nutrition. He informed me on how to go about eating properly to suit my lifestyle. He gave me great advice to help me feel more energized and finally see big improvements on my body. Following his nutrition plan helped me to burn more fat, and I almost never felt hungry. AJ’s plan was specific for my body type and seemed to really boost my metabolism. “

Erica Silverstein

Great Neck South High School Student

Lake Success, New York

“I increase my strength, agility and most of all my self confidence and well being”

Ryan K. - LifeFuel Fitness

Being open-minded and determined to make a change, I instantly searched online for local trainers in the queens/long island area. My lifestyle was too busy and if history has proven anything, it’s that I don’t know what I am doing. I saw AJ’s website and everything seemed perfect…change your life, TRANSFORM yourself. Exactly what I wanted and exactly what I was hoping for, with proven successes. As much as I wanted to be, I wasn’t sold yet. When AJ called me, he was professional, polite, and invited me in for a free consultation with a no strings attached policy.

After the first meeting I was hooked. Everyone I saw at the gym was in great shape and was a transformation story… I couldn’t believe it.

There had to be something to this! AJ created a personalized (and easy) nutrition plan for me to follow and scheduled me into his calendar, despite my hectic schedule.

After almost a month, I lost 10 pounds and had a significant drop in my Body fat. I could see the person I knew existed coming back to life and I felt better than I ever did before.

Every pound I lost just motivated me to workout harder and further justified what I was doing. It was working and couldn’t believe it! I was 185 lbs and 23%BF and I was living the lifestyle I was content with at the time….

Now I am at 140 lbs and close to 8% BF. I feel and look better than I ever did! It would not have been possible without the support of my family and close friends…and of course AJ!!!

Ryan K.

Pharmacist, St. Johns University

Fresh Meadows, Queens

“With AJ’s Program I lost 40 lbs and I feel like I ahve a new life, a new sense of confidence, a new sense of happiness and I’ll tell you what– it was the best thing I ever did for myself!”


Jean Moskowitz

Private School Teacher

Great Neck, New York

“I lost 9 lbs of fat 8 weeks and added 12 lbs of muscle…”

Manuel Rivera - LifeFuel Fitness

“I started training with Life Fuel Fitness 8 weeks ago and have made some great progress since then. I used their services as a base for my other training and found even just one session a week was great at keeping me on track, focused, and motivated to do other fitness work on my own at my local gym. The structure and program that was written for me was a huge help. I lost 9 lbs of fat 8 weeks and added 12 lbs of muscle; I also gained strength and fitness, and found the indoor gym venue to be ideal for a controlled and intense mixture of aerobic fitness and weights training.”

Manuel Rivera

Attendant at Lake Success

Little Neck, New York

“I lost close to 80 lbs. and feel better than did 10 years ago!”

Jennifer Brazil Whitestone - LifeFuel Fitness

“Before I started working with Life Fuel Fitness I thought I already had everything under my control, as far as my shape. Little did I know working out with them would be the best thing that could happen to me both physically and mentally? In the past I have been to a number of different gyms and worked with other trainers. Then when I started with Life Fuel, I realized that with all the work I had done in the past, it hadn’t even come close to where I got with the first month of Life Fuel Fitness.

If you are looking for a team that can guide you in your areas of concern with your body then you are reading about the best personal training system I have ever experienced. Take it from me, I am evidence! With Life Fuel I’ve been doing a multiple amount of workouts to focus on my entire body, I never had the same workout twice! I also got the extra push that I needed to stay on track with my eating outside of the gym. Along with better fitness comes a much improved outlook on your physical capabilities and mental stamina. I would be lost without you guys!”

Jennifer Brazil Whitestone

Queens- NY

“I lost 62 pounds and I’m still working with AJ until I get to 8% bodyfat!”

Santino - LifeFuelFit.com

“I was 6’1 265 pounds and 28% body fat, before I started training. My life was slow and sluggish. I felt weak and worthless. I was a college student I had no self-confidence and had no motivation to meet any new people let alone ask girls on dates.

After 2 months using the LifeFuel system I lost and astonishing 30 pounds. I still didn’t quit.
My body was sore and achy but I had a goal in mind. The workouts got easier and easier and I felt as if I could compete with at NFL football.player (very unlikely I would win but I felt that good).
I have so much more confidence now!

After a long hard 8 months of working with AJ I weighed in at 203 pounds and 14% body fat.
I lost 62 pounds and I’m still working with AJ until I get to 8% bodyfat!

Thanks for all your help Life Fuel you really saved my life!”

Santino V.


Queens- NY

“”I have lost 60 pounds, cut my body fat percentage in half to 15%, and look a lot better. I went from wearing size XXL shirts, and size 40 pants, to wearing a size large, and size 34 pants!””

Harrison - LifeFuel Fitness

“AJ’s fitness programs are exactly what you need if you want to get in shape. You get used to the diets quickly, and they don’t seem bad at all. The workouts are tremendous, they get you ripped, and keep you from quitting. To be honest, my diet was hardly even a diet. Most of the time I found myself eating whatever
I wanted, and only really worrying about getting in enough protein.

The reason why I still lost weight was because the food I wanted, was the food I was supposed to eat. I lost the need for pizza and french fries, and I began eating with my body in mind, not my hunger. I was not only conscience of the food making me fat, but I was thinking about letting down AJ.

When you have someone pushing you and encouraging you to look your best, then you want to make them proud.

If you want to look good and get in shape, get rid of the excuses, and just go for it. and call AJ”

Harrison S.

Student and Golf Pro

Great Neck, NY

Here’s why this program works so well…

Because I’ve personally been overweight and out of shape, and have less than average genetics my program takes a radically diverse approach than the genetically blessed trainers who’ve been in good shape all of their lives and believe what works for them definitely works for everyone.

My program is for people with “Less than average” or “Average” genetics

 What we do is blend CUTTING EDGE proven SCIENTIFIC FACT with FUN and INNOVATIVE state-of-the-art exercise techniques so your body will transform at a FAST rate…

We also apply the right state of mind, high energy and top-notch motivation along with world class guidance, experienced instruction and total support to give you a workout experience with exceptional results (The end result is that your going to LOOK AMAZING no matter what kind of genes you were born with)

We frequently CHANGE-UP your exercise program so you never get bored to death with the same routine, you will make non-stop progress at a fast rate because your wont be able to adapt to the diverse movements…non-stop progress at a rapid rate… our system will “trick” your body into peak shape…

Here’s what you get with our LifeFuel Fit Program

  • Weekly Personal Training Session – You will receive expert personal trainer-supervised workouts on a weekly basis that will persistently push you towards your best body as QUICKLY as possible.
  • Drive – Your personal trainer will motivate you during every single workout. As a result attaining your fitness and diet goals will be effortless. (It is tremendously challenging for most people to get into peak shape, without this external motivation.)
  • Supervision – We will basically guide you by the hand during your entire workout. (All you need to do is show up and you will be put through the most effective weight loss and muscle toning workout available).
  • Teaching – We will instruct you precisely how to do every exercise and movement with correct and SAFE form (Our main goal is to keep you injury free and increase your strength and flexibility properly.)
  • Accountability – Our trainers will make sure your present for all of your scheduled workouts. (We will work together to make sure you show up!)
  • Nutritional Guidance– We will teach you exactly how to structure a healthy diet. Your nutritional program will be customized to your needs. We both know that how you eat outside of the gym is half the battle. (You may even be surprised that you can EAT MORE on the LifeFuel Fit program)
  • Support – We will give you emotional and mental support which is VITAL in making constant improvements (We will make sure YOU stick with the program and implement into your life 24/7)
  • Motivation when you need it– Let’s face it we ALL have OFF days, this is where the breakdown almost always occurs. We keep you on track, moving forward, so you see and feel the results quickly. (You’ll get the necessary “kick in the butt” occasionally to keep you going!)
  • Exciting Fun Filled Workouts – Its a priority that you have an awesome when you exercise with us. We all know if you don’t enjoy your workouts you wont stick with it . Our LifeFuel Fit program is fun yet effective, you’ll never get bored with the variety we have to offer.

I created a chart on how Premium Personal training compares to various weight loss programs, like joining a gym on your own, purchasing Diet meal plans and dietary shakes or joining a weight loss center:

Vital factors for Weight Loss
LifeFuel Fit Personal Training
Joining a gym on your own
Diet Meal plans and Shakes
Weight Loss Centers
External Motivation
Increases Metabolism
Muscle Tone
Not for all people
Constant Support
Develop Habits to Maintain Great Shape Long Term

Here’s more of what they say about the program…

“I’ve dropped to 16lbs and now I’m 8% bodyfat with more muscle tone…”

Max G - LifeFuel Fitness

To date I’ve dropped to 16 lbs and now I’m 8% bodyfat with more Muscle tone. Altogether feel so much better. Everything seems easier now that I’m in better shape.
Before training with A.J my life was a lot different. I’ve always been somewhat ashamed of my body, just because I was never in good shape. I tried to stay away from situations where my shirt was off because I felt akward. Then soon after when starting training this all changed completely. At first A.J’s transformation program was a whole new way of approaching eating and exercise, and it eventually got easier, as I got stronger It did get easier until A.J challenged me further…

He always pushed me up another level where I didn’t think I could go. The hardest part though had to be the nutrition plan for me. At first I could barely do it and eventually I got used to it. About 2 months into training follwing his program I made amazing improvements. A.J’s nutrition system really worked! All in All A.J’s transformation program took a lot of effort , but it was well worth it.

Max G.

Great Neck South Student

Great Neck, NY

“Having a mind like AJ in your corner is a gift that you cannot put a price on”

Sam Balooch - LifeFuel Fitness

“The love of Natural Bodybuilding is a desire that runs deep through my veins. It is a full focus of mental and physical preparation like no other. AJ Mihrzad is one of the most knowledgeable people on this matter. Aside from creating a perfect diet plan to help me succeed in wining the INBA Mr. Natural Overall Title, he truly understands the psychology of bodybuilders.His mental support through out my pre-contest prep was vital in keeping my focus on the title. His innovative, scientific methods were great in helping me understand nutrition. His ability to make changes as needed was crucial in helping me win the show. A coach is a great thing to have while prepping for a show, but having a mind like AJ in your corner is a gift that you cannot put a price on.”

Sam Balooch

Elite Personal trainer, Model + INBA Bodybuilding Pro and NPC Bodybuilder


Douglaston, NY

“Lost 13 pounds of Fat in Less than 30 days”

Richie - LifeFuel Fitness

Richie - LifeFuel Fitness

Richie - LifeFuel Fitness

These Pictures were taken 28 days apart. Look at the difference Richie made to his physique!

“AJ has done a lot for me, Not only am I much stronger, but I am also much less crooked. Also my scoliosis and torticollis are much better!”

Dr Herbert I Goldman - LifeFuel Fitness

I will tell you a little about myself. I am a retired pediatrician and neonatologist who has a Masters degree in nutrition from Columbia University. I joined AJ’s program for twice weekly training sessions. It has made a vast difference to me. I am much stronger and mentally sharper thanks to AJ. My posture and flexibility have also improved dramatically. AJ has done a lot from me, Not only am I much stronger, but I am also much less crooked. I no longer have a marked head forward position, but also my scoliosis and torticollis are much better thanks to him. He also helped me with some tips towards eating a good diet. You need a lot of protein when lifting weights. Not only does it provide vitamin D, but it also provides for 20 other secosteroids that together are very healthful. Thank you very much AJ for all of your knowledge.

Dr Herbert I Goldman

Author of “Baby knows Best”

Lake Success, NY

“I increase my strength, agility and most of all my self confidence and well being”

Estelle Jaffe - LifeFuel Fitness

“For some two years, I had the good fortune to have the personal training services of AJ, at Lake Success. During that period of time, and hopefully for the future, AJ’s professionalism and wonderful temperament, have allowed me to not only benefit from his services, but to physically increase my strength, agility and most of all, my self confidence and well being.”

I commend AJ as a first rate teacher and personal trainer.

Estelle Jaffe


Lake Success, NY

“I Lost 70 lbs and Went from 29% Body Fat to 10%!”


“LifeFuelFit changed my life! Since I began training with AJ, I lost over 70 lbs and went from 29% body fat to 10%! It definitely was a compete transformation. AJ showed me know to makes changes in my lifestyle that actually made a difference. I was able to achieve my original weight loss goals and more. The weight loss was gradual so the people who saw me everyday didn’t notice as much. It was those who haven’t seen me in a while that were shocked!”

Jason Babby
New Hide Park, NY

“I’ve lost 43 pounds so far, and have never felt so much energy!”

Fran Cohen - LifeFuel Fitness

“I could not take it any more. In the past I tried Every type of Weight Loss product! Nutrisystems, South Beach Diet, Weight Watchers, Equinox Personal Training – I would lose 3 or 4 pounds, and then the weight would quickly come back. I was at the end of my rope and just realized that I am going to be overweight all of my life… However something in the tone of the questions and answers page spoke to me. I was still skeptical, but they said if I didn’t lose weight quickly, I did not have to pay, so I Immediately set up a session. I’ve now trained with Life Fuel Fit Personal Training in Great Neck for 8 months. I’ve lost 43 pounds so far, and have never felt so much energy!”

Fran Cohen

Physical Education and Health Teacher

Nassau, Long Island NY

CALL TODAY (516) 660-7634

“I lost 52 lbs of fat and dropped my body fat from 29% to 12.5 % in a very short amount of time…”

Mike DaSilva - LifeFuel Fitness

“One day out of the blue one of my old punting coaches called me up and said that the New York Jets are searching for a punter and that he got me an “invite only” tryout for the team. Being offered a tryout for the New York Jets was like a dream come true. The only problem was that I hadn’t punted a football in ages and that I was 30lbs heavier than my college football weight. I had a short time to get into the best shape of my life and get my body and mind ready for the tryout of my life! That’s when I knew I could not waste any time and had to find the best fitness expert to get me into pro football shape…

With AJ’s 1000 calorie full body workouts my fat was melting off of me and my muscles were getting toned and tighter each time I stepped out of the gym. It’s crazy how much results I saw the first month, when we first started AJ told me his clients lose on average 10 to 15 lbs. the first month. I actually became one of them! His diet was easy to follow and I actually felt full from all of the food he was having me eat. For the first time in my life I see my 6 pack!!! I am leaner and look better than when I was playing football in college.”

Mike DaSilva

Self Employed

Fresh Meadows, New York

“I lost 13 lbs of fat and added 17 lbs of muscle since I started training!”

Ian Tarasuk - LifeFuel Fitness

“I have no hesitation in recommending Lifefuel Fit Personal training. They operate the best fitness program on Long Island- the friendly assistance and professional knowledge is very reassuring and it’s always a pleasure to go to my workouts. I lost 13 lbs of fat and added 17 lbs of muscle since I started training!”

Ian Tarasuk


Great Neck, New York

“I have seen an increase in muscle mass, stamina and very importantly flexibility.”

Arash Rahbar -LifeFuel Fitness

“I have been bodybuilding and strength training for 12 years. But for the past 4 years I have been under the guidance of AJ Mihrzad from Life Fuel Fit personal training. In these 4 years I have made twice the gains and improvements in my physique that I had not did in the 8 years before. I have seen an increase in muscle mass, stamina and very importantly flexibility. AJ has not only helped me take my training and diet to the next level but has gotten me mentally focused.”

Arash Rahbar

Natural BodyBuilder

Great Neck, New York

“I’ve been gaining 2 to 3 pounds of raw muscle each month since I started training with him. That’s over forty pounds now without an ounce of fat.”

Steven Freidner - LifeFuel Fitness

“AJ’s training is, simply put, the best. I naturally have a very narrow frame. With AJ’s help though, I’ve been gaining 2 to 3 pounds of raw muscle each month since I started training with him. That’s over forty pounds now without an ounce of fat. Now, literally ALL my friends take notice and want to know how much I can lift and how much time I spend in the gym. It’s a lot less time than one would think and the results are indescribably valuable. From fitness to confidence,

AJ’s training has done wonders. It is the best program around for transforming your body, mind and soul”

Steven Freidner

Student at Great Neck South High School

Russell Gardens, NY

“I have reduced my body fat percentage from 22% to 15%, reduced my waist size by 5 inches …My energy level went up significantly; I feel 21 again”

Russell Sarder - LifeFuel Fitness

“Dear AJ, I want to thank you for helping me achieving my health goal. The last five months were some of the most exciting times of my life. I always thought it will be impossible to introduce daily exercises into my life due to my busy schedule at work. As you know, I have reduced my body fat percentage from 22% to 15%, reduced my waist size by 5 inches (which is the cause of all major diseases). My energy level went up significantly; I feel 21 again.

I am impressed with your deep knowledge about health and nutrition. Your communication skills made it easier for me to grasp the health related knowledge. I never felt bored during the exercise since you introduce new types of exercises every week. Thank you for explaining why I am doing certain types of exercises. I feel like I am ready to become a personal trainer soon :-). Your schedule made it easier for me to continue the workout plan. Thank you for introducing the kick boxing into the mix since it made it the daily exercise more interesting and fun.

Most importantly, I admire your passion for learning. As Anthony J. D’Angelo said, develop the passion for learning, if you do you will never cease to grow.”

Russell Sarder

CEO and President of NetCom Information Technology


Manhattan, NY

“I lost 23% of BodyFat and achieved a Bikini Body in only a few months”

Christina Kaps - LifeFuel Fitness

When I first started with AJ I was a depressing 47% body fat! I said to my self “WOW”, I didn’t even realize that half of my body contained fat. As to weight….let’s not even go there. A woman will
NEVER tell you her true weight anyway, LOL.His workouts are unlike any other, and slowly at my pace brought me beyond a level I ever imagined I would obtain. He helped me stay focused and motivated
even at my weakest times. Within the first month, I noticed a change in the way my clothing fit, and the way I looked in the mirror.

After 5 months, I dropped down to a 24% body fat. I was thrilled with my results!! Not only was he skilled in exactly how to decrease my body fat in such a short period of time, I also found that my muscles had toned to an exceptional level. In case you didn’t know, that is the hardest thing to do!

What can I say…I now feel amazing in this new body, and feel the comfort I once had being in my own skin. I’m full of excitement, energy, and beyond happy with my results.

I couldn’t have done this without AJ. I highly recommend him on every possible level You don’t get a nice ass by sitting on it! You too can have the same results!!

Christina Kaps

RN at Long Island Jewish Hospital

Forrest Hills, New York

“I lost 35 lbs and Dropped my Bodyfat from 33% to 16%, Life has improved in so many aspects be it energy, confidence and finally I feel I discovered me!”

Lara S. - LifeFuel Fitness

My life was of someone who followed a yoyo diet, I was extremely inconsistent before I joined Life Fuel Fitness and met AJ.

I would lose weight than gain it all back, I tired different gyms and fitness programs but nothing seemed to work!

It wasn’t until got reffered to AJ from one of his clients named Martin. Martin lost over 150 lbs of fat and completely transformed his body. It was then and there when I realized I had to join AJ’S Transformation program.

AJ’s program was an eyeopener for me, My life took a 360 degree change from the day I joined his gym!

I still remember my first session I could not even finish it, as I was breathless and AJ gave me gatorade to feel better. Lol, I came a looong way since then! Soon after I started following his nutritional program, his plan gave me a lot of energy and I just got better and better. After a while the workouts became as easy as pie. At first I was unable to finish them and now I’m complete them while feeling challenged and fulfilled!

My body reached a whole new level of fitness, I can now sustain vigorous workouts and I look forward to each and every one of them!

All in all I lost 35 pounds of fat and my bodyfat went from 33% body fat to 16% body fat.

I feel awesome love my new body all thanks to AJ’S awesome guidance. Life has improved in so many aspects be it energy, confidence and finally I feel I discovered me!

Thanks a million AJ 😉 for helping me in my journey.

Lara S.

Mother and Entrepreneur

Long Island, New York em>

“I put on 7lbs of muscle after a few months”

Ryan Gecelter - LifeFuel Fitness

“Having not done any structured fitness training in my past. I was skeptical about trying one on one personal training. But after a few months after trying the lifefuel fit program, I got the motivation and commitment required achieving my goals. I put on 7 lbs of hard muscle after a few months of personal training, working as a life guard everyone noticed the difference.”

Ryan Gecelter

College Student at the University of Delaware

Newark, Delaware

“I’ve been using AJ for years”

Jerome Reisman - LifeFuel Fitness

Jerome Reisman

Attorney Firm Partner at www.reismanpeirez.com

Garden City, NY

“Another highlight in our lives”

Dr. Herman and Eileen Berg - LifeFuel Fitness

“Our personal trainer, A.J. at the Lake Success Fitness Center has given us another dimensionin our lives. We now enjoy exercising frequently at home and once a week we meet with A.J.at the gym. We talk to him about eating healthy, supplements, exercising and keeping active. A.J. has become another highlight in our lives.”

Dr. Herman and Eileen Berg

Eye surgeon/ Ophthalmologist and Expert Artist

Lake Success, NY

CALL TODAY (516) 660-7634

“I have a Firm body all year round!”

Brittney Wozniacki - LifeFuel Fitness

“AJ, Thanks for the guidance to helping me achieve this…My modeling career requires me to stay in shape all year round…Nothing gets more photo shoots than having a firm body all year round!”

Brittney Wozniacki

Swimsuit and Lingerie Model

Queens, NY

“With LifeFuel Fitness I lost 8 lbs in one month!”

Melissa Ballachino - LifeFuel Fitness

I’ve been coming to LifeFuel Fitness for approximately one month now, and I’ve noticed definite improved ability to focus and concentrate on what I’m doing. The trainers keep me more motivated than any other program I’ve tried. . I do a ton of photo shoots the workouts at LifeFuel Fitness speed up my metabolism all day!

I have noticed that when there’s something I need to remember to do when I wake up; I am more likely to remember it now than I used to be. I also have much less of an appetite on a daily basis. I now enjoy exercising and eating healthier; with Life Fuel Fitness I lost 8 lbs in one month!

I would definitely recommend Life Fuel Fit to anyone that wants to get in bikini shape as fast as possible!

Melissa Ballachino

Miss Hawaiian Tropic New York State


Lake Success, NY


“My bodyfat level has gone from 14% down to 9% in 5 weeks”

Habi Hamid - LifeFuel Fitness

“The results I have gotten with Lifefuel Fit program are Incredible. Following this program has made my training more enjoyable (my bodyfat level has gone from 14% down to 9% in 5 weeks of a dieting phase), and I am now seeing the benefits the nutrition plan and all of my workouts. The funny thing is that I am eating more food than before, and losing more fat.”

Habi Hamid


Kew Gardens, NY

“AJ is a nutrition guru, thanks for the abs!”

Ron Josef - LifeFuel Fitness

Ron Josef

Business Owner


Lake Success, NY

There is something we have to talk about…

If you want a Personal trainer who will pampers you and baby sit you, then we are NOT the personal training program for you…

If you prefer to have a personal trainer that checks himself out in the mirror while you workout, then we are NOT the personal training program for you…

If you want to have a rookie personal trainer who got his job just to meet women, then we are CERTAINLY NOT the personal training program for you

In actuality, We are not here to wipe the sweat off your face and coddle with you. Don’t come to us if you just want someone to count your reps for you –Implying that we wont just stand there like a robot and count how many times to do an exercise. You’re going to get 100% of our energy to make sure you reach your GOALS! Please don’t come to us just to whine about what you hate about your life. If you expect us to put you on a cardio machine and talk to you for an hour, please look elsewhere or you can do it for FREE. You get what you pay for. Please don’t expect bargain basement prices with our Elite Personal training program. We work hard to make your Results a priority. (We are surely not the lowest priced service around ) We do not have Huge Egos and walk around with a Holier than thou Attitude. We are not saying that there is anything wrong with those types of trainers…We just want you to know that that’s not how our business is run. Our main objective is to get you in MIND BLOWING SHAPE. That is what we do BEST!

The bottom line is that when it comes your body, you deserve the best. If you had a serious medical condition wouldn’t you want the best Doctor who will cure you, or go with a cheaper alternative that saves you a few bucks? Your Health is a priority and this is one of the best investments you can take on your self.

You must understand that are merely concerned about your Well being and that you are happy with how YOU look. If you don’t care about your health then please don’t waste your time or ours.

On the other hand, if your appearance and health is a priority, please call us at 516 660 7634 and set up a trial workout at NO RISK AND NO COST to you. We want you to test drive the LifeFuel Fit personal training program and it’s on US.

The two main reasons why we offer this trial workout are…

One, it allows you to make an educated decision if our personal training program is right for you.

Also, this allows us to observe if YOU are willing to do what it takes to get into excellent shape. No offense but we don’t just take anybody… we ONLY accept “Achievers” into our program. Our clients are our advertisement. They are like walking commercials that represent us…. and if they don’t look great, we don’t look great… Unfortunately we can’t have our rep flawed by people who aren’t willing to do what it takes to get in shape.

How do you get in shape?

Just follow our program.

Long Island Fitness

Here’s what you need to do to right now – Call 516 660 7634 to find out about coming in for a SAFE and NO COST training session. To see if you’re a good fit for our service we will spend a few minutes on the phone with you. We are here to answer any of your questions.

If everything works for both parties, and you’d like to try us out on the house, we will set up an appointment at one of our several NYC or Long Island locations. When you call us there will be ZERO obligation on your part to start our program.

Nonetheless, I believe it’s only fair to tell you that because of a high demand our prices are about to increase. Our line rings all day long due to all the amazing results we have been getting for our clients… and for us to continue to give the first-rate workouts we do and continue to get these these fast results. There are only so many clients we can take on.

Fortunately for you our policy is that the original price you START at is where you STAY… I recommend you should lock in NOW because the more you procrastinate the more expensive I will become… (Hopefully we assume that we will even have room to take you… we’re almost at full capacity now and most of our spots are BOOKED, so I would absolutely call as soon as you can)

The last time we counted we had room for 11 more people, but my assistant Lisa came in about five minutes ago and told me that two more people joined this morning… so we currently only have room for 9 more people before we raise our prices… after that it will cost significantly more to join our program.

The faster you call you higher chance that we will save you a spot.

This is our number

Call: 516 660 7634

(Please understand that every so often we are all busy training clients and we have to let our voicemail take your call, if this happens please leave us a detailed message with your name and contact number and we will call you as soon as we get a chance)

If you still don’t believe and are not convinced that the LifeFuel Fit program is worth checking out I totally understand… We both know that there are tons of personal trainers who “claim” to generate results. Real Life Results are all that truly matters, right?

I completely AGREE 100%… Seriously, YOU deserve to see MORE Proof...

And that’s why I’m going to show you even more of the groundbreaking results people are getting with this cutting edge fitness program. (Nevertheless, I must notify you that due to these astonishing results we have less spots than we ever did and may not be able to take you on as our client. We only have a few slots and we are not sure how much longer they are going to last? )

“I have lost 20lbs in three months”

Stephanie Branson - LifeFuel Fitness

“LifeFuel Fit Personal Training has really changed my life. I have lost 20 lbs in three months following the program and I am feeling much better with 100% more energy. The workouts are never boring and I love the way that the exercises change every time I workout. Thank you for the improvement my health and this bikini body!”

Stephanie Branson

Model Roslyn, NY

“My body quickly began to transform in ways that I could not imagine”

Dr. Zainab Mogul - LifeFuel Fitness

“After college, I made a decision to take my exercise regimen to a whole new level. I was determined to build muscle and get toned. Unfortunately, I was focused but lacked guidance. I met AJ Mihrzad and he instructed me on how to eat, what workout schedule to follow and how to have proper form when lifting weights. My body quickly began to transform in ways that I could not imagine. I began to see definition in my body, increase in strength and endurance and a much faster metabolism. I’m thankful for his advice and still continue to learn something new to incorporate into my workout regime through his insights.”

Dr. Zainab Mogul


Jamaica Estates, NY

“A level of fitness that we are proud of.”

The Rahmani Family - LifeFuel Fitness

“The trainers at Lifefuelfit personal training have succeeded in helping us to reach a level of fitness that we are proud of. We are so grateful to all the trainers that pushed us to the next level of excellence. As a Family, we have never felt healthier!”

The Rahmani Family

Astoria, NY

“Our strength, flexibility and balance have improved tremendously!”

Ian and Debbie Tarasuk - LifeFuel Fitness

“My wife and I have been working out with LifeFuelFit Personal training for many years now. We both agree that it’s the best thing we have done for ourselves in many years! Our strength, flexibility and balance have improved tremendously!”

Ian and Debbie Tarasuk

Great Neck , NY

CALL TODAY (516) 660-7634

“Now my body is toned and I lost a 2 inches off of my waist”

Cassandra Falcon - LifeFuel Fitness

“I used to hate going to the gym. I could always think of some perfectly reasonable excuse why I just had to watch TV and not workout. Now I really look forward to my LifeFuel Fit group training class. It’s challenging and really does give me an amazing sense of accomplishment and results. Since I started working out with LifeFuelFit, all the aches and pains I used to have gone away. Now my body is toned and I lost 2 inches off of my waist, I have found a new addiction. ; ) ”

Cassandra Falcon

Student at SUNY Farmingdale

“I lost 2 % bodyfat in only 4 short weeks – a huge accomplishment!”

Jamie Jensen - LifeFuel Fitness

Earlier this year, I decided it was time to take my health and physique into my own hands. It was the anniversary of yet another year of laziness. I had to make a change. I quit smoking. I cut back significantly on my alcohol intake. And I had to start eating better and working out too. A friend of mine had been using AJ’s program for over a year with astronomical results. So after a few months of procrastinating, I finally decided to give AJ’s LifeFuelFit system a try.

The workouts were killer! You definitely get what you pay for. After only my first training session, my muscles felt tight all over. AJ really kicked my butt! I immediately started to see and feel definition in my abdominals again (hallelujah!). While I was extremely sore I knew I was gaining so much strength and agility from his workouts. I was never so happy to be in pain. After all, no pain no gain!

I would highly recommend AJ’s customized nutrition and fitness services to anyone who is ready to make that change towards a healthy, fit lifestyle and needs the extra push and guidance to get it done. I lost 2 % bodyfat in only 4 short weeks – a huge accomplishment! Without AJ, I might still be wearing my size 10 jeans and eating Doritos during my downtime at work.

Jamie Jensen

Freelance writer/copywriter

Bayside, Queens

“This program is wonderful and very motivating!”

Qais Saljooki - LifeFuel Fitness

“This program is wonderful and very motivating! AJ Mihrzad includes a lot of good, solid scientific references to back up his fitness philosophy- basically what to do and what/when to eat in order to maximize your natural growth hormone that promotes muscle gain and fat loss. I found no empty promises or gimmicks. I now have more energy and I find it easier to keep my body fat percentage where I like it.”

Qais Saljooki

Business Owner- Napoli Pizzeria and Pasta

Huntington, New York

“Lost 31 pounds with my trainer and feel fantastic!”

Barbie Jean - LifeFuel Fitness

“I just wanted to say a HUGE THANK YOU to all the staff at LifeFuelFit Personal training. I joined your fitness program in January this year having never joined a gym before. My goal was to lose the extra weight I had gained from having my first child, I had considered joining gyms in the past but they never seemed to be exactly what I was looking for. In the past couple of months I have lost 31 pounds with my trainer and feel fantastic!”

Barbie Jean

Stay home Mom

Ft Lauderdale, FL

“I now weigh 132 lbs and my body fat percentage went down to about 18.8% which means that I lost a ton of fat and gained lots of muscle tone!”

Nicole Renee - LifeFuel Fitness

“I started with AJ working out three times a week and did a little bit of cardio everyday and started eating right. AJ gave me a great nutrition plan where I didn’t feel as though I was depriving myself.

Two cheat meals a week were also permitted which made me look forward to something and made me feel like I didn’t have to cut out my favorite foods for life. I started out at 141 lbs. and 31% body fat. The first two weeks I saw the most results. After a few weeks I started noticing my abs and the muscles in my legs and shoulders I was shocked, NOO way would I give that up for any cupcake. I fit into all my clothing; I started getting compliments from my friends and family I felt healthier, stronger and less lazy in general. After almost three months of hard work, I now weigh 132 lbs and my body fat percentage went down to about 18.8% which means that I lost a ton of fat and gained lots of muscle tone.

I look great, I feel great, and I owe it all to AJ. Changing physically and taking my aggression out in the gym really helped me be in a better state of mind.

I’m just an all around happier person. I’ll never go back to the way I used to be. ”

Nicole Renee

Journalism Major

Long Island, New York

CALL TODAY (516) 660-7634

“The trainers at LifeFuel Fitness also helped to flatten my stomach and wear shorts for the first time since I was a teen!”

“I want to thank Life Fuel Fitness for helping me lose 3 Dress Sizes and 13 Pounds Of Body Fat in 6 weeks!”

“I Lost 35 pounds of Fat in 8 weeks, with LifeFuel’s Online Coaching Program!”

“I want to thank Life Fuel Fitness for helping me gain 8 pounds of muscle and getting down to 10% bodyfat. I also improved my flexibility and have more self confidence ”

“I highly recommend Life Fuel Fitness if want to have more energy and get Stronger and Faster!”

“In the past month I lost 9 pounds and my stomach got so much flatter…I also have more enrgy throughout the day and my workouts are so much easier to get through”

“I lost 18 pounds within a month! My life has changed and I have so much confidence now!”

“With AJ’s Online Transformation Program I lost 17 lbs of fat and now I’m at 19% Body fat- I feel 10 years younger!”

Yes, AJ! I’m Ready To Get Into The Best Shape of My Life!

 Yes! I really want to lose excess body fat (So I can feel amazing about my body wherever I go!)

 Yes! I want to attain a healthy and toned physique.   

 Yes! I want my stomach, arms and legs muscles to be nice and firm.

 Yes! I want to improve my cardiovascular and muscle endurance.

 Yes! I want to look more athletic.

 Yes! I want to learn extremely effective exercise routines- routines that are high energy and get me in great shape at a rapid rate 

 Yes! I want to feel wide awake and motivated ALL DAY LONG!

 Yes! I want to enjoy seeing my body consistently progressing. 

 Yes! I want to be fit (I want to feel like billion bucks!)

 Yes! I want to learn the best way to eat for my body and understand how to stay in shape and enjoy my diet. 

 Yes! I want to speed up my metabolism and burn fat all the time.  I want to melt my fat away even when I am not working out).

 Yes! I want to get continuous compliments from my family and friends.  The positive feedback will motivate me to stay in incredible shape.

 Yes! I want to be held responsible for participating in my workouts so I am accountable for my results.

 Yes! I want to get into amazing shape right now and I know there is absolutely NO RISK and NO COST to try out your program. I will call 516 660 7634 right now to apply for a trial workout… I can’t wait to get started!

long island fitness center

At this point in your life you have 2 choices…

You can leave this site and continue living exactly how you have been… getting the exact same kinds of results. It’s up to you to stay in the same shape you are in right now (or possibly get worse)… Also you can continue putting off an improved body and enhanced life until a future time that may never come.

OR you can call us now at 516 660 7634 and burn off your stubborn fat, define your muscles and live  the life you deserve… a life where you look as healthy and attractive as possible… where you feel fit and full of vitality… where you  break necks and turn heads when you walk into a room.  A life where you are at your true potential.

You are very smart person and I believe you will make the right choice…

AJ Mihrzad - Queens Personal Trainer

Truly Yours,

AJ Mihrzad

LifeFuel Fit Personal Training

Long Island,

NY (516) 660- 7634

P.S. – Remember, we combine cutting edge science with fun and effective workouts that deliver incredible results for people with “average” or “less than average” genetics. I’ve been out of shape myself, so I know exactly how it is. We take a completely different approach than the “cookie cutter” personal trainers who’ve ALWAYS been in good shape and use the same methods that work for them and think they will work for you.

P.P.S – We’ll firm up your entire body. As you can see from all the testimonials we have helped tons of people have the physique they want and we will definitely do the same for you. Once you start training with us you’re going to be totally addicted… in fact, you may never want to leave the gym. Call your friends and family and tell them about the strange “workout cult” you’ve joined.

P.P.P.S. – The best thing to do right now is call (516)660-7634and sign up for a trial workout. We will spend a few minutes on the phone with you to see if you’re a good fit for what we do. There is completely NO COST, NO RISK and NO OBLIGATION on your part to start the program… if you don’t like the trial workout, you never pay a penny… guaranteed. But remember, because of all the remarkable results we’ve been getting for our clients the demand for our services has grown so high that we only have 7 slots left before our prices go up, and those spots are going to fill up quickly… so be sure to call right now.

(Please understand that every so often we are all busy training clients and we have to let our voicemail take your call, if this happens please leave us a detailed message with your name and contact number and we will call you as soon as we get a chance).

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