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Self Test - Mineola Personal Trainer - LifeFuelFit.comHere is a cool test that will show you how to find your body’s imbalances.

1 .Stand about four to seven inches away from a wall. Lean your head, upper back, and your butt against it. Now, place your hands and arms against the wall, fully opened up, palms in a high-five motion. Make sure that your elbows are bent 90 degrees and upper arms at shoulder height. Keep your elbows, forearms, and hands pressed firmly against the wall.

2. Now, pull your elbows far down towards your side as possible and squeeze your shoulder blades together, pause, and then slide your arms up against the wall as high as you can to form a letter Y. Next,while you have your back and knuckles against the wall, and hands in a Y position, see if you can raise your hands above your head while your knuckles are still touching the wall. See if you can pass this test, if you can’t, do 15-20 reps a few times a day to improve your posture and shoulder function.

If at any point your shoulders hurt you should stop and go see a physician before you resume your exercise.