New Hyde Park Personal Fitness Trainer, Weight Loss consultant and Exercise Expert Has created a Large Group of Followers in Great Neck and New Hyde Park, NY and Now Has Slots Open to Allow a Limited Number of Clients to Join…But Only Those who Meet a Certain Criteria…

To be eligible for this New Hyde Park, New York Personal Training Program you must be able to answer  “YES” to all of the questions below:

1. Is having a fit and toned body something you truly desire?   Yes/ No

2. Are you willing to do everything it takes to achieve your fitness goals, and never pass blame for setbacks onto your family or friends?   Yes / No I am not

3. Are you ready to persist and give your everything so your New Hyde Park, New York personal trainer can help you reach your fitness goals?   Yes/ No

4.Do you have the time to set aside one hour, 1- 2 times per week to meet with your New Hyde Park Personal Trainer?   Yes/ No

5. Can you spend an additional two times per week doing some sort of cardio on your own?   Yes/ No

6. Are you ready to eat 80 percent healthy foods, and eat amounts that are right for you? Yes/ No

7. Are you fully interested in gaining results?   Yes/ No

8. When your body changes are you willing to refer for your New Hyde Park Personal Fitness Trainer to your friends and family?   Yes / No

Replying “yes” to all of the above is crucial to success in our New Hyde Park, New York Personal Training Program.

If you replied “no” to any of the above then our Fitness program is not for you.

We understand that this may not be for everyone, and there are many local New Hyde Park Personal Trainers that might be a better fit for your situation.

However, if you did answer “yes” to all of the application questions above then feel free to email me at

New Hyde Park and Great Neck, NY residents all over have been losing fat, gaining muscle, toning their legs and arms, losing inches around their bodies, gaining tons of energy, losing pounds, and becoming extremely fit through the supervision of their New Hyde Park Personal Trainer.

It doesn’t matter whether you want to lose weight, get in shape or dramatically improve your health, energy and vitality – our expert fitness team, and innovated

fitness programs, can help you achieve all of your health and fitness goals, and much faster than you ever thought possible!

Remember, LifeFuelFit New Hyde Park Personal Training will only accept people that meet the necessities above. We won’t just take anyone that walks in. We’re looking for prospects that are 100 % dedicated to push their limits to accomplish fitness goals and get an amazing body.

No cry babies, weaklings, complainers, hagglers or bargain shoppers accepted, but big heart is a necessity for our program.

Please contact a New Hyde Park Personal Trainer at to see if you meet our requirements for Personal Training

About New Hyde Park   The motto of New Hyde Park is,  A great place to live . New Hyde Park village is a small town located in Nassau County. Like its neighboring communities, it is primarily a commuter town with over 75 percent of the land used for single family residential, but also has warehouses and light manufacturing near the Long Island Rail Road station and a retail district along New York State Route 25 . A truly quaint little town in the heart of Long Island. Personal Training Available in.