Even If You Don’t Have A Single Piece Of Exercise Equipment…Even If You Don’t Know A Single Gym Exercise…Even If You Don’t Know What To Do, You Really Can Get Into The Best Shape Of Your Life Without a Big Chain Queens Gym

While sitting on my soft comfortable sofa last night, I was enjoying television around 10 PM. Nothing interesting was on the television but this really crazy infomercial

There I got some entertainment which was highly funny and full of lie, It was really popular as well…

“Introducing the ground-breaking new AB ROLLER the real machine that delivers real results in just 4 minutes a day”

Are you interested yet?

I sure am. I have an extensive background in Queens Gyms and Fitness centers and that is why I feel it is highly entertaining to watch such ridiculous advertisements and the various false claims they make.

Yet, many people will be victimized by this “Ab ROLLER” garbage and will suffer extreme disappointment. They will be discouraged and depressed while their time and money will be wasted.

All that I feel while watching such advertisement is it is highly exaggerated It is almost like the same gibberish you will find in various Queens health clubs and gyms.

Such type of infomercial often tries to create confusion among the customers while using the hocus pocus kind of terminology and all these irrelevant phrases are nothing but gimmicks.

Such terminologies often remind me of an episode of the famous series of Star Trek in which a character uses a term “quantum physical transmuter”. The term seems to be highly scientific, yet it has no meaning.

For a common television viewer, these never-heard-before terms seem to be quite impressive and efficient and often the viewers succumbs to the false attraction they produce as if they are some cutting edge technology that haven’t been discovered.

I don’t mean to claim that all Ab Gadgets available in various Gyms at Queens are “entirely” worthless; I would say they are not that great though.

You won’t need them and even if someone orders and buys them, they won’t be using it for any longer than one or two weeks and then the wasteful machines will be taken to the garage or basement where they collect dust for eternity

It is true that these abs-gadgets can stimulate your muscles in abdomen. American Council on Exercises confirmed this fact during a study and commented—

“Those Ab devices provide no apparent benefit or detriment when compared to a properly performed crunch.”

Most of the Ab gadgets we are talking about on the informercials are pretty much the same. Ab Doer, Six Second Abs, Ab swing, Ab Dolly, Torso Track, Ab Rocker and there are many such more. Obviously, all of them sound very fascinating, yet they are not worthy at all.

You may counter question, “Hello Queens Gym and Personal Trainer AJ, what would you say about the great pictures that are shown with the satisfied customers before and afters. Are those pictures fake, they seem to be real and they always confirm that these highly appreciable results are achievable?”

Think a little more and check out one of such example…

One of the infomercial says “I successfully reduced 30 pounds and 21% of my body fat, I am satisfied, I am really happy.”

You will get so many such infomercials, However while I was reading the fine print carefully it always says

“Weight loss achieved by lower calorie diet and regular exercise”

But initially, the advertisement was about the Ab ROLLER, isn’t it? There are many similar deceptions that are in these infomercials.

Assessing the before and after picture always seem to be inspiring.

These pictures are very deceptive as always. Let’s explore the hidden trickery. Some of the main difference exposed with these before and after pictures are—

Before Photo:

  • 1. Stomach pushed out
  • 2. Slouching
  • 3. Loose fitting clothes
  • 4. Bad Lighting
  • 5. Unshaven
After Photo:

  • 1. Stomach sucked in
  • 2. Perfect Posture
  • 3. Tight clothes
  • 4. Perfect Lighting
  • 5. Shaved

I can very well say that it would be exciting to work out on some of these highly advertised devices. Being a Queens gym expert, I am sure I you will have fun using them… However, I don’t think it would be any helpful to achieve any success in the Gyms in Queens with your fitness goals.

These Ab Gadgets are nothing but waste of your hard earned money and time. I would not even join a Queens Gym or use these pieces of equipment even if you got them for free.

On the other hand, Conventional Ab Exercises are healthier and efficient way to achieve the fitness goals and you won’t need to buy any costly equipment for performing those exercises.

From now on, whenever you happen to watch such infomercials about the Ab Shooter XXL or the 12 comfortable payments of $19.95 for attaining such a lovely Ab machine, save your credit cards and enjoy the infomercials only for their entertainment value.