Whenever I look for information on the web, the best thing I do is to figure out my local area personal training and fitness programs. I always see where the best talent is before I join a gym or personal training company. The best thing to do is to Google the word “Roslyn personal trainer” and sees what comes up. You want to find a personal trainer who is very knowledgeable. Now here is some good information of how to finish off your workout and to make sure your personal trainer knows what he or she is doing. If weightlifting is a fast track to fat loss, then why do so many people in the gym still have big stomachs and a lot of body fat if they are lifting free weights?

The problem is a lot of people focus on just adding muscle instead of trying to train as many body parts as possible. One solution is called after burners. They are one or two exercises performed at the end of a workout that burn fat and use your fat source for fuel. They really make you sweat like crazy!

You want to think of them as a grand finale movement that will supercharge your lean muscle growth and speed up your fat loss. They work really well for melting belly fat. The key thing is to pick a finisher that transforms a typical routine into a full body workout. If your workout targets your upper body, for example, go with a lower body finisher. If you’re already doing a full body workout, then shift your metabolism into high gear by performing two to four different finishers. A good example of a finisher is a squat thrust aka burpee, jumping jacks are really good. You could also do a squat and arm raise. Basically any movement that hits the whole body all at once. If you ask me, my favorite finisher is called the mountain climber. Watch the video below to learn more!

Remember, You will begin to develop new confidence in yourself when you start your personal training program.

You will see the change in the way you handle weights and machines and you can contrast this with how unsure you were when you first began your training program.
You will also feel a sense of self-empowerment outside the gym with your new body.

Your Roslyn Personal trainer is there to help you and that makes you feel ready to tackle the world.