The Summer I Found My 6-Pack

I was cleaning out my attic one weekend and as I was sitting there reminiscing
through old clothes and boxes,  I came across this small tattered album of old photos.
That album brought back so many memories of my youth, especially this one picture in
particular that reminded me of a life changing experience that I want to share with you…
It was the summer I found my six-pack!
I was overweight most of my life and it was really tough on me both physically and mentally.
Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would ever have a 6-pack back then.
For as long as I remember having ripped abs seemed like an impossible goal.
I’ve come to realize that we don’t make major changes in our life until we hit rock bottom,
and I hit rock bottom.
That one summer I really hit a rough spot.
There I was fat, unhappy and insecure driving to the beach
with my girlfriend at the time.
I firmly believe there’s a correlation between the years in a relationship and inches around your waist, lol.
Being comfortable in that relationship, I let myself go.
I was in no shape to go to the beach and strip down to a bathing suit.
I remember having anxiety just driving there and my nerves were taking over.
Getting in my car and sitting in my drivers seat just feeling my gut flowing over the top of my seat belt buckle made me nauseous.
I had a nice set of B-cup man boobs that would make a teenage girl jealous.
No matter what kind of shirt I wore, these things would stick out and command attention.
I hated my man boobs. They were the obvious sign of being obese. I had them as a teen when my hormones were running wild.
During those formative years when your body fat stays high for a long period of time it causes your body to pump out more estrogen.
Hence, slowly turning me into a Dolly Parton.
The worst part was having a permanent bloated face.  My cheeks have been chubby since the day I was born, and my Aunts loved to squeeze them!
You know how embarrassing that is, at least for a boy.  No matter what I did those cheeks always stared back at me in the mirror.
Even worse when I looked in pictures I saw this strange moon faced dude staring back at me.
I didn’t feel like my true self. I felt like the Goodyear blimp driving to the beach.
There I was sitting in the driver’s seat while my girlfriend sat next to me.
I remember wearing a tight basketball jersey that felt like saran wrap over my jiggly rolls.
I remember how insecure I felt with myself and I’m sure the insecurity radiated out of every pore.
My low self-esteem had a huge effect on my relationship at the time.
When we got to the beach I decided to keep my tank top on.
I made an excuse about feeling cold, when in reality I felt embarrassed about how I looked.
What made it worse was on that particular day, I was the only guy fully clothed at the beach,
while everybody else frolicked around half naked, like it was nothing.
I felt down and ashamed whenever a lean guy with a flat stomach walked past me.
There I was thinking,  this guy is so lucky to look like that.
I even sat there following my girlfriend’s eyes feeling jealous, thinking that she’s staring at every ripped guy around me.
I also compared my own body to those other guys, feeling inferior the entire time.
I was a mess and if I could have, I would have buried my head in the sand!
You know what?
It feels good telling you this story because I now realize how much confidence I lacked back then.
That day at the beach was extremely painful and it really made me depressed and upset.
Shortly after, the combination of my insecurity and my low self-worth took its toll on our relationship,
and it abruptly came to an end.
There were other issues in our relationship, but having low self confidence was the ultimate catalyst.
There I was lonely, heartbroken and heavy in the first week of June.
I knew this wasn’t the life for me.
Something had to change because I sure as hell wasn’t going to spend my summer ashamed,
miserable and alone in this fat suit I called my body.
No way, Jose!
On this one occasion, feeling depressed and alone I hit McDonalds and went on a BINGE.
That’s when I hit rock bottom. As I was walking back from picking up my tray full of super-sized junk from the counter,
I saw my reflection in the window and couldn’t believe how much I let myself go. I looked so out of proportion and for a
moment I didn’t even recognize myself.
I got so disgusted in seeing that vision of me, that even today, I still can not get it out of my mind.
I have an extreme mentality, and I tend to go all out if I put my mind to something.
Being obese was one extreme.
The sum total of hardly going to the gym, overeating and generally being lazy.
It was time to go for the opposite extreme.
I had worked out and dieted in the past but never got the results I wanted.
I said to myself…
“This summer I am going to go get myself in the best shape EVER!!”
I was determined to get a six pack.
After seeing that depressing vision of me in the McDonalds
window reflection, I had to set a goal to achieve the opposite extreme.
My goal was to have a 6 pack on my birthday, Aug 22!
I only had 2 months, but I was on a mission!
I was hyped up and motivated, a feeling that I haven’t felt in a very long time.
I got my hands on everything possible so I could learn how to add muscle, burn fat
and shape up my body.
I was already a member at a gym, but I wasn’t consistent.
I decided to go everyday and at least do something while I was there.
I remember feeling this crazy energy at the time as if I was possessed to make major progress.
I went and hired the busiest personal trainer at my gym to guide me.
Unfortunately, he wasn’t certified to give me nutritional advice, so I also hired the best
online nutritional guru at the time.
His name was Chris.
Chris actually taught me a lot about nutrition and what I teach today.
Sadly Chris died a violent death shortly after he coached me.
More on this tragedy another time…
I knew if I wanted a 6 pack in 2 months, there was no room for error.
I had to hire experts that could get me there
faster and safer than doing it all by myself!
My tunnel vision was on full force and I was on a Mission!
I discovered soo much about myself spending hours in the gym and making my fitness a priority.
I really got to know who I was, where I wanted to go and all
about the body transformation process during that time frame.
Especially a lot of what I share today with my clients.
It has helped me tremendously in understanding how the body adds muscle and takes off fat.
I also noticed, as I lost the weight my confidence grew each week.
I got so much more attention from the opposite sex.
My man boobs were shrinking and my stomach was getting flatter and tighter.
Best of all my face got more chiseled as my chubby cheeks slowly dissolved!
I was on FIRE!!!
No one was stopping me now!
I think that is how I chose the word “Unstoppable” to keep me focused and to persevere.
As I got slimmer and saw more progress, I worked even harder, thus accelerating my results!
I stayed focused on the nutrition plan prepared for me by coach and all I could think about
was reaching my goal on my bday!
Man it was a tough 2 months!
Finally the Day of  Judgment came…
It was getting real close to my Birthday and I was feeling anxious.
I woke up one morning, still groggy and looked down and
I saw this outline of my abs popping through my belly fat!
They were like alien bumps on my stomach.
I was so excited, it almost made me cry.
I still feel that overwhelming joy today.
There was something special about looking down and seeing a flat stomach.
Feeling the empty spaces where mounds of fat used to be.
No more hanging belly!
No more soft squishy man boobs!
Best of all my face opened up and my eyes seemed brighter.
My chipmunk cheeks were gone and my eyes that use to be
permanently squinted looking like a blow fish, were now shining bright.
I found me!
Losing all this weight made me look younger and I felt this unstoppable feeling
like I was on Top of the World!
I had the feeling that nothing could ever stop me now!
Best of all, I learned so much about myself as well as how to help others do the same.
It’s amazing how looking at an old photo can flood your mind with memories of how much your life has changed.
That summer will forever remain a milestone in my life.
It’s moments like that which changed my destiny.
I am so blessed to have had that tough time turn into a blessing.
That summer also made me realize my passion for helping others.
It led me to major in exercise, science and nutrition and get my masters in psychology.
I needed every tool possible to help others reach the same goal that I did!
I will never forget how much losing weight and being at my best made me feel.
That specific moment improved my life more than anything I’ve experienced.
It led me to my purpose.
My purpose is to help you be at your best!
I will do everything in my power to assist you with your fitness goals…
Thanks so much for reading my story and allowing me to share this personal part of my
 life journey with you.
Since then I’ve helped hundreds of people get into the best shape of their lives.
I vow to help thousands more!

p.s-  It’s Never too late to Change your Life!

AJ Mihrzad

About The Author

AJ Mihrzad

AJ Mihrzad is the creator of LifeFuel Fitness Transformation Program. He is a Fitness Expert who at one point battled obesity like all the other client he has helped get in the best shape of their lives. You can find him on Google+ and Twitter.