Working out with a Queens Personal Trainer

My first day in the queens gym was difficult tough. My queens personal trainer was working hard on the quads Ouch! That’s clearly not my strongest area (not that any are) and boy did they hurt the next day. And the day after. The next workout included a lot of upper body working with weights. I was pretty sore after that one too. But it’s a good sore and one that I’ve missed.

The last queens personal trainer exercise of the day was a short run around the fairly large building. My queens personal trainer said it should not be too sore. I had to walk most of it and I don’t even want to speculate how long it took me. I hated being last among the small group of queens fitness enthusiasts. I’m not particularly competitive, but being so far behind wasn’t too motivating.

So I’m back to working with my queens personal trainer three days a week. Now I need to tackle my diet! I seem to have developed a big craving for carbohydrates. Specifically bread. I might need to cut bread out of my diet altogether for I can’t seem to stop at one piece. I’m anxious for the queens farmer’s market to open so I can load up on fresh veggies and fruit.

I try not to think about the three months I lost. I’d likely be in a smaller size pants by now if I’d been able to keep up my workouts. But I’m not looking back; I’m looking forward to a new and improved me.

A Good queens personal Trainer
I don’t think I’d be working out at all if I hadn’t found my queens personal trainer. I’d always found exercise boring and I’d lose interest after only a week or two. But this time it’s different. Queens personal trainer and fitness gym owner has a program that is fun, energizing, and it works! Even working hard, the time flies by and I don’t find myself looking at the clock as I have done in the past. Nor do I try and find excuses to skip my workout!

Summer is on its way and no matter your size, I’ll bet you’d like to be a little fitter and firmer for bathing suit season. Hire a great queens personal trainer and you will see how much great progress you make!

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